Each of the five components of Traverse

deliver their own unique value to participants. Here are a few of benefits of the Faith component.

Faith . .

  1. Deepens Relationship with Christ

  2. Promotes Community

  3. Broadens Friendships

  4. Teaches Spiritual Disciplines

  5. Makes Faith Personal

Where and When

The development of Faith takes place at the center of every other component of the Gap Year Experience.



  1. Learn to study the Written Word

  2. Communicate with the Living Word

  3. Engage others on Christ’s behalf

  4. Form habits of Spiritual Disciple

  5. Join Jesus in the World

Faith is birthed in the context of our parents religion. To a large extent by the end of high school, spiritual life is contained in the bubble of our own spiritual community. The Traverse Gap Year will be an adventure in the exploration of personal faith: what does it means to be part of a spiritual community? Why should I believe in God? How do my beliefs affect my daily life?